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Empire Landscaping Sod Installation
Empire Landscaping is proud to offer professional sod installation in Plano, Frisco, Allen, McKinney and North Dallas. This process is undertaken with the upmost care and we follow a very methodical step by step plan to ensure your home gets a healthy lawn as quickly as possible. Here is an overview of the Empire Landscaping lawn installation process:

Step One: Remove the dead lawn

Using a sod cutter and shovels we carefully strip away the dead and decaying turf. We roll or section dead turf and discard. We make certain to properly clear the area.

Step Two: Prepare the Soil

After removing debris such as rocks, leaves etc we roto-till soil to a depth of four to six inches. Before proceeding further, we ensure sprinkler systems are installed and functioning correctly.

Step Three: Rake, Fine-Grade, Drum Roll Soil

We rake to remove large dirt clods and any remaining clumps or debris. We fine grade by scraping across the surface to smooth uneven areas. The sod we use is uniformly machine cut and will conform to any irregularities left in the soil grade. Then we roll soil with a water drum to compact and firm up the surface. Soil should stay relatively dry to avoid compaction. We fine grade soil again, if needed.

Step Four: Immediately Lay The Sod

We first lay the grass along the longest boundary of the area to be covered. The sod will be staggered on row to ensure the seams are offset, similar to brick or stone pattern. All sod is laid tightly together. Using an axe or heavy knife, we custom fit pieces to conform to curved edges, planters and boundaries. After the first few hundred feet are installed, we begin to water sod lightly to prevent any wilting in the sun. Around Plano, Frisco and North Dallas we recommend Bermuda, St Augustine, Zoysia – Emerald and Zoysia – Palisades. When all of the sod has been laid, we roll the lawn again to insure good contact between the sod and soil.

Step Five: Hand Watering

We hand water for the first watering. If you do have an irrigation system you want to avoid having dry spots in the lawn and to promote even growth. We will ensure the sprinkler system pattern provides good “head-to-head” coverage.

Mowing in the future

Mowing should begin approximately 4-6 weeks after the installation of your new sod. By this time the lawn will have developed roots. Mow the grass high on first cut and slowly lower the mower height on subsequent mowings.

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Empire Landscaping Sod Installation
Empire Landscaping Plano French Drain

Lawn Drainage Solutions

Pooling or standing water that remains in your lawn after heavy rains can create a host of issues including dying grass, muddy soil, wilting greenery and water-soaked plants.  It can also create a breeding environment for mosquitoes.  If left untreated, your lawn’s drainage problems can destroy the health and beauty of your grass and your landscape.  Empire Landscaping solves drainage problems for residential clients in Plano, Frisco, Allen McKinney and North Dallas.

Before you can effectively remedy drainage issues, you must first accurately determine the cause of the problem.  There are countless solutions for lawn drainage problems.  Some area homes have an issue with inadequate grading. If that’s the case for you, then we need to find a way to redirect the drainage to a lower part of your yard.  Empire’s professional landscapers are experts in accurately diagnosing these issues and presenting you with the best options available. We will determine the most effective and most economical solution and then fix the problem.

Often we find that simple, less expensive solutions can greatly improve these issues.  Some are handled as easily as simply adjusting your landscape design. Empire handles a full range of drainage problems from minor water run-off issues to major storm-water problems.

The exceptional results we can achieve for your home is matched only by our outstanding customer support. If you select Empire to solve your lawn drainage issues, you can expect us to be professional and responsive. Our landscaping company is a locally owned and operated independent business. We are fully licensed and insured for your protection.

If you are currently experiencing drainage problems in your landscaping, please contact Empire’s Drainage Solutions Experts today.  We look forward to earning the opportunity to work with you.

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