According to Debra Strauss of the Iris Society, now is the time to plant Iris’.

Do you remember your grandmother growing those flowers that she called flags? Or have you ever seen flowers blooming in April around a cemetery or old abandoned houses, or even in an empty lot? Those are the precursors to the modern day irises. Plano landscaping with the bearded iris creates breathtakingly beautiful perennials that are long-lived and provide a bright splash of every color in the rainbow to the garden in the spring. Their attractive, sword-like foliage provide a strong vertical landscaping effect even after flowering is finished. When looking for a great drought tolerant plant that can be grown with all types of perennials or annuals, pick irises.

In the Plano area, iris begin blooming in mid-March and bloom through the middle of May. Iris come in all sizes, colors and many types that all grow great. The bearded, Arilbred and Spuria iris are extremely easy to grow. Bearded iris are available in sizes that grow from 8” (earliest bloom) to 40” (latest bloom) in height. Arilbred (bloom with bearded) and Spuria iris (bloom with and after bearded) require even less water than the bearded.

Iris rhizomes (the tuber-like plant) can be planted in any type of soil. Remove all weeds, work in compost (to a depth of 10”) and dig a shallow hole with a small hill of dirt in the middle. Sprinkle in a tablespoon of low nitrogen fertilizer (10-10-10). Spread the roots over the hill and gently cover with soil. Firm the soil and water lightly. The rhizome should be at ground level with the top exposed to the sunshine. Do not bury and water lightly twice weekly until new growth arrives then water lightly once a week.

This is the time of year to purchase and plant your iris. Purchase iris that are locally grown and they will be acclimated to our soil, our temperatures and our drought conditions. Or even better, call us today and let Empire Landscaping handle all your residential landscaping needs around Plano.

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