in 2015, the trends in architectural landscaping and gardening elements focused on comfort and lifestyle, being cost-efficient and eco-friendly. This year, the American Society of Landscape Architectures (ASLA) survey projected the biggest consumer interest, will be in the conservation of water, e.g. rainwater/graywater collection. For many places, integrating environmentally friendly landscape solutions to substantially reduce water usage for a healthier environment is a big topic.

Inspired by neighbors, friends, social media, such as Pinterest, Houzz and HGTV, etc., many of today’s homeowners are doing home improvement projects to give them a better standard of living in their own backyard.

Of these upgrades, some may include the ASLAs projected 2016 top 7 current trends for architectural landscape and garden elements listed here with some of their conceivable advantages.

Pergolas: favored by 50.94% of people who voted

A solid wood pergola provides the same cooling human-friendly shade that a shade tree does. A diligent homeowner can install a solid wood shade structure in one day, enjoying all the comforts of a shade tree.

Decks: preferred by 47.40% of people who voted

Like a pergola, a deck provides more living space and a spot for a family to gather outside while enjoying good company in a convenient setting. A deck can also maximize some yard space by elevating it or with additional levels to benefit from multiple living areas. There are a variety of options that can be incorporated with a deck to make it more functional including built-in planters, attached structures, arbors or a gazebo. The underside of the deck can also be utilized for added storage space.

Arbors: preferred by 44.32% of people who voted

For passionate gardeners, an arbor offers a defined and elegant entrance for a garden, or other portion of your property while providing shade. Being both ornamental and practical. Arbors provide beautiful ceremonial backdrops for backyard weddings, hanging bench swings, and are also often used to shade pool, patio and barbecue areas.

Fencing: preferred by 44.07% of people who voted

A fence defines a property. Privacy fences are the highest in demand. A higher fence can give more privacy and guard a swimming pool or playground equipment, preventing unintentional trespassers from placing themselves in harms way.

Fencing can provide protection for the family and their possessions. It furnishes a safer place for children and pets, keeping them in the yard while helping to raise the barrier of entry from strangers or animals. A fence reduces white noise and can yield some protection from the elements.

Indigenous plants: preferred by 86.02% of people who voted

Indigenous plants support the local ecology, promoting healthy soil and water. Native vegetation creates its own defenses against disease and pests. Pesticides are not discriminating and kill beneficial insects.

The native plants and beneficial insects, birds and butterflies, etc. were made for each other. Once most native plants are established they need less water between the rains. They use less water, less pruning and help to use less or no fertilizer. Native plants are usually lower maintenance.

Low maintenance landscapes: preferred by 84.55% of people who voted

Low maintenance landscapes are yards that can take care of themselves unattended for weeks at a time and are advantageous for gardeners who do not have a great deal of time. This means easy-care greenery, no fuss ground works, durable furnishings and architectural landscape.

Examples would be watering from drip irrigation systems, replacing lawn with pavers to reduce watering or weeding, garden beds filled with gravel and ornamental grass or miniature evergreens.

Food and vegetable gardens: preferred by 74.95% of people who voted

Backyard gardening, community gardens and even planter boxes are providing tasty produce straight off the vine. Homeowners can potentially save hundreds of dollars with the investment of even a small vegetable garden as explaining by the National Gardening Association (NGA), and it tastes so delicious. cultivating the dirt can also be a rewarding family activity, allowing children to reap the fruits of their labor. Additional information on backyard gardening and architectural landscaping can be found at

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