It’s typical for someone with a yard project to enter a Lawn & Garden store and stare bewildered at the different types of shovels and rakes. The shovels have different styles of heads, and the teeth on the rakes are cut differently – how would they choose? Hopefully they’ll consult with a Landscaping Pro, explain their project, and leave with the right tool. What about for every one of you at home, with that yard project that’s been hanging around for you all winter, what tools will you need for the job? Here’s a simplified list of shovel and rake types that you might need for that next yard project.

Best Shovel For Your Landsdcape:

The main objective of the shovel head is to allow the shovel to enter ground with as little friction as possible. The shovels that perform this action the best are sharp shovels like an Ace Hardware D-Handle Drain spade. Chances are you’ve seen a spade shovel- head shaped like a spade. If spade shovels work so well, why have a squared-head shovel or a rounded-head shovel? Consider the type of cutting or digging in your project. If you have to create a hole quickly, the spade is your shovel. If you need to make a squared hole, or dig a trench with steep sides, the squared-head shovel like a True Temper Steel General Purpose Shovel should work best. If have gravel to move, the rounded-head shovel might be the greatest for that job.

The Best Rake For Your Landscape:

Like the shovel, most rakes are designed with a handle that leads to a head of fanned teeth. There are rakes like Poly leaf rakes with thin, closely-spaced, plastic or metal teeth, and rakes like the Ames Collector Series Poly Shrub Rake with sharp, wider-spaced metal teeth. Let’s think about rakes in two categories: the leaf rake and the soil or gravel rake. The leaf rake has long, thin teeth– could be made from metal or plastic– that tend to grip leaves in the tight spaces between the teeth. There’s little gap between each rake’s tooth on a leaf rake. A soil or gravel rake have the wider-toothed rakes you see grounds crew using before a baseball game to level a baseline usually made of metal, because the teeth need to be strong and durable to move materials like rock and soil.

When you’re considering your next project, maybe a shovel won’t just be a shovel. Maybe you’ll need a shovel that’s perfect for the job, or a rake with a teeth designed for the materials you need relocated, leveled, or gathered. And, when you’re standing in front of the tools, you’ll have a little know-how as to which tool will work best for your project.
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