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Landscape Design and Installation

Almost all beautiful landscapes begin with a detailed plan. However, not all plans produce beautiful landscapes. So the question becomes: What makes one plan better than another? All good plans follow the basic principles of art and landscape design. They also adhere to a step-by-step design process that capitalizes on a lot of input from the homeowners. This helps ensure that the finished design meets their expectations and fulfills their needs of the family.

The Empire Landscape Design Process

We start with an interview and analysis of your site. Empire’s designer will walk through your property with you to identify and document your preferences and get a general idea of the end result you are seeking. Next, they present several options to determine what style of landscape design suits your preference. During this meeting, you also will be asked for any additional information that we should consider. This information gives us more input about your goals regarding the landscape of your home. The designer will take accurate measurements and multiple photographs of the site, record any critical information about the layout of the home’s property, changes in the terrain or elevation, drainage conditions, etc. Using this information, a conceptual plan will be drafted for your review.

Conceptual and Master Plans

Conceptual Plan

The designer will then meet with you to review the conceptual plan. This landscape design plan will provide an overview of your project. It will highlight details about such things as the location and general content of planting beds, any placement and nature of any hardscape or other features. During this session, we will check the plan with you to ensure that all of your needs and desires are being addressed.

Master Plan

Depending on the size and scope of your project, the designer may then prepare a scaled master plan which also show the precise layout of planting beds and give a comprehensive listing of plants in the design.

The Benefits

A cohesive design – With a detailed plan you will help ensure that your landscape design is harmonious with your home. Empire Landscaping is skilled in the art of landscape design and very experienced in their application. We know the plants and techniques best suited to North Dallas. Most importantly, we know how to combine them in order to create beautiful, functional, landscapes that are specifically tailored to meet the needs and desires of our clients.

An informative design – Once you achieve your nice landscaping, we will make sure you are comfortable maintaining it. Empire Landscaping will give you all the information you need about each plant in the design and help you create a comprehensive maintenance schedule so that you or your landscaping crew can keep your property looking good as the plants mature.

A fulfilled design – Our professionally managed crews have the experience to expertly install all of the work in your landscaping project from start to finish, including planting, irrigation, hardscaping, lighting, and more.


Empire Landscaping can handle the professional installation of just about anything for your yard. In addition to a wide variety of plants and trees well-suited to this North Dallas climate, we handle grass and sod as well. Around Plano, Frisco and North Dallas we reccomend Bermuda, St Augustine, Zoysia – Emerald and Zoysia – Palisades.

Recent Examples

We have listed just a few of our many Landscaping Design & Installation projects. As a full service company, we handle projects of all sizes and complexity. We can assist you with everything from minimal designs to complete landscape make-overs. The portfolio below demonstrates the various levels of design and installation we can accommodate.

Examples of our work

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