Empire Landscaping, one of Dallas’ best landscape installation and design firms, is pleased to showcase this recently completed project in Allen. Details of the project include both Landscape and Hardscape elements. The Hardscape options this customer decided on for their Landscape Installation included accenting the front and side planting beds with custom set Belgium Block Curbing. This curbing adds a distinct look to the exterior of any home. The exact pattern and color were hand picked by the homeowner to best fit with their homes’ design and their own personal style. Other elements of the hardscaping included moss boulder accents and a hand built cedar trellis. The beauty of the trellis is that its look will keep improving over time as the the new plantings have time to root and grow. This will ultimately become a high impact visual focal point.

As for the greenery, we consulted with the homeowner to determine the particular color palate they were looking for and then matched the plantings to their own style and the climate. We were delighted to be able to use native shrubbery that is low maintenance. We then accentuated the greenery with flowering perennials that will create beautiful bursts of color as they mature. The trellis was started with several flowering vines that will quickly add warm vertical color tones as they grow.

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