Empire Landscaping Celebrates The Hibiscus

Our featured plant for June is the Hibiscus. Who says native plants aren’t well-behaved, gorgeous, and sexy? ‘Lord Baltimore’ has enormous 10-foot-wide, bright scarlet flowers, and they bloom for an extended period — from July until frost. Once established, this tropical-looking perennial provides years of color. It is versatile enough to use in large decorative pots, in a perennial border, or in butterfly and hummingbird gardens. You’ll often see ‘Lord Baltimore’ growing near ponds because it loves moist soil. Growing to about 5 feet tall and wide, the plants dies back to the ground in winter but regrows quickly each spring.

We see that the hibiscus does very well in this area. It is fairly hardy and can really add some “pop” for your landscape. Call us today and let us help you create the perfect look for the exterior of your home. We will help you match the right plants with your color palate. We also help match the right greenery with the amount of time you enjoy gardening.