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Empire Landscaping has been a leader in decorative concrete landscape curbing around North Dallas. We have been helping to add both style and functionality to landscaping across the area for the past 20 years. Over the life of our company we have grown considerably and our product line keeps improving and expanding. We offer a fully customizable lineup that includes different sized styles, multiple patterns, and twenty-four color choices. This allows us to create a truly unique edging to make your landscaping one of a kind.

At Empire Landscaping, we focus on quality. Our equipment is designed to create the strongest, longest lasting continuous concrete edging and curbing available. Our staff is fully experienced to work with you to create a custom design that fits your specific landscape. In fact, we can custom color our concrete landscape edging to match your home, buildings or any other landscaping decor. How can Custom Landscape Borders benefit you? The appeal of this curbing is its ability to blend-in and complement your existing landscaping. At the same time, it reduces the time needed for maintenance. The Empire Landscaping process is noninvasive and most installations can be completed within a day or two. This beautiful option can help enhance your property value, prevent unwanted grass and weeds in beds, and help eliminate termites and pests that wooden borders can attract.

The color in in this landscape edging and curbing is added to the concrete prior to installation. That means the color is the same throughout the product. Many lesser companies use plain concrete curbing that has a colored coating only applied to the top layer. Unfortunately, over time, their coating starts to chip off.

Customize Your Landscape With Three Distinct Styles

Enjoy the ability to display different styles in different planting and border areas of your lawn. Our Mowers Edge Mold gives you a beautiful border. It also has several stamp patterns available. The Angle mold is very versatile. It offers a beautiful with many stamp patterns available. The block Undercarriage style appeals to those that like simplicity in design.

Belgium Block Curbing Gives A Great Hand-Set Appearance

Many customers love Belgium Block style curbing because it looks like hand set brick. And the color options enable you to match virtually any color palate of your home and neighborhood. The square mold can also be used to match exposed aggregate sidewalks.

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Belgium Block Style Custom Curbing

Stamped Style Custom Curbing

Stamped Style Custom Curbing Offers Many Patterns, Colors and Textures

Empire Landscaping’s stamped curbing gives you the ability to create dozens of different looks from the same product. Your choice of appearance is trowled and “stamped” into a smooth base of concrete curbing that is custom designed and laid to your exact layout.

Mower’s Edge Style Custom Curbing Offers Many Options

Mowers edge style is the basic, classic style of curbing.  This unique mold will allow you to edge and mow around your border with the greatest of ease.

Mower’s Edge Style Custom Curbing

Custom Curbing Colors and Patterns

Empire Landscaping offers many color and texture options. You can download our color and pattern guides below for more ideas.

Download Color Guide
Download Pattern Guide